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Oregon NCHA members,

This is the update sent to Region 1 Directors. Let me know if you have any comments, questions or suggestions.
This weather is a reminder that the show season is just around the corner. Lots of excitement about the improvements pending at the Norton arena. OCHA has taken a real leadership role. See you down the road.

Jack Holt
541 420-8585 ( c )


Region 1 Directors,
Your Executive Committee met in September, November and January. One of the reasons for the number of meetings has been the need for more or additional information from the committees on proposals brought forward from the June Convention. While it would be easier to 'Just say no', the real effort has been to thoroughly vet and seriously consider the recommendations. The second reason is the budget, which was finally approved at the January meeting. There has been an effort to make decisions with all current information and an eye to future consequences. The minutes of these meetings, along with the votes 'for' and 'against' have been posted on the website and can/will be found in the Chatter.

Items of particular interest for your review from the minutes include:

* the increase from $15,000 Novice/Novice Non-Pro to $25,000 Novice/ Novice Non-Pro.

* 3 year / $100,000 Non-Pro exemption.
> Earnings are in all disciplines
> Family and children change of status to Amateur must meet existing Amateur rules
> 3 year waiting period replaces 5 year Amateur exemption rule

* Discussion of the METF / MERP (Texas sales tax reimbursement used in the Triple Crown events) are now 5 shows behind. The administration of the program has been changed from the Comptroller's office to the Governor's office. This has slowed the approval process down, resulting in $3.8M owed the NCHA. We have spent the money for shows beginning with the 2014 Summer Spectacular through the 2015 Futurity. There is no argument about the amounts owed, with the delay being attributed to 'red tape.' The accounting department has responded to all Governor's office requests for information.

* Western / Eastern Championships.
> The requirement to have 1; paid an entry fee in an NCHA approved class and 2; ridden to the herd as a qualifier to show in the National Championships was eliminated by an Executive Committee vote. The show is open to any entrant. That will remain the rule going forward. It should be noted that Grass Roots shows will be paying the $2,00 beginning in 2016 as a result. The total entry fee for this year's National Championships will be $615.00.
> A survey was conducted on locations for holding Western Nationals in 2017 and beyond. As you might well imagine, preferences were geographical. Location - location - location. Much effort will be put into the place location as there was no clear conclusion. Other considerations will be the possibility of 3 locations rather than 2. The secret will be structuring them so they will support themselves financially.

* The horse sale contract with Western Bloodstock has approved through January 1, 2020. This has been a valued partnership with our association.

* Updated protocol for emergency medication (rule). NCHA produced events, including the Western Nationals

* Super Stakes revisions have been made subsequent to the November meeting. The decision was made to leave the active players whole due to the loose method of taking entries and recording them. There is a dedicated person in the NCHA office that has this as her sole responsibility and the guidelines will ensure there will not be a repeat performance in the future. Here's the letter from our Executive Director as a refresher:

Dear NCHA Member:

I wanted to provide you an update on the NCHA Super Stakes Stallion/Foal program. For more than 20 years, the Super Stakes has been one of the most successful stallion incentive programs in all of the equine world. Traditionally, the Super Stakes added more than $500,000 annually to the show.

However, to take some of the burden off of stallion owners and to grow the purse, NCHA expanded the program to accept foal nominations starting in 2011. There were several recognized advantages to this change:
Share the investment in the program between stallion owners and breeders
Award foal nominator awards in addition to stallion awards (in 2015, more than $64,000 was paid out to nominators)
Grow a substantially larger purse for Super Stakes-eligible horses
Overall, the program has been wildly successful - at least 2,000 foals have been nominated each year since the new program was introduced.

However, like any new program, we have encountered some glitches in part because of the success of the program, the volume of foals and the multiple ways the office previously accepted nominations (email, hand-written notes, etc.) that will need to be cleaned up. The record-keeping process was further complicated by the fact that foals did not need to be named at the time of the nomination and other changes made to the program over time.

An internal review of the program has revealed that we have incomplete nomination records on a small percentage of the foals that includes six horses that showed at the 2015 Super Stakes.

To correct this issue, ensure equal treatment of all members with horses in the program and to prevent any such issues from occurring in the future, here's what we are going to do:

1. All foal nomination penalties for 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 foals will be refunded except for the minimum $200payment.
2. Horses must be nominated and eligible prior to entering the 2016 Super Stakes.
3. Foal nominators will have until May 1, 2016, to nominate 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 or 2015 foals for a fee of $200, if the foal is not already on the list of nominated horses, for future Super Stakes. Sires of 2013, 2014 and 2015 foals must be subscribedfor the foal to be eligible for the program. Sires for 2011 and 2012 foals do not have to be subscribed.
4. Stallion owners will have until:
January 15, 2016, to subscribe a stallion for the fee of $2,600, if the stallion is not already subscribed, in order for a six year old to compete at the 2016 Super Stakes.
May 1, 2016, to subscribe a stallion for any breeding year for the fee of $2,600, if the stallion is not alreadysubscribed, for future Super Stakes.
5. Any penalties that have been paid by a stallion owner going back to the 2012 breeding year will be refunded.
6. For any 2013, 2014, or 2015 foals currently nominated, but not sired by a subscribed stallion, the stallion will have theopportunity to subscribe for the respective breeding year for $2,600. Stallions that were advertised as subscribed will behandled according to the current rules and will be covered by the insurance.
7. 2016 foal nominations and 2017 stallion breeding season subscriptions will follow the regular payment deadline of October 1,2016 for stallion subscriptions and December 31, 2016 for foal nominations.

Going forward:

1. Nominations will only be accepted on approved forms with complete information provided.
2. Before a foal will be listed as nominated, the stallion MUST be subscribed for that breeding year.

As an organization, we need to correct these issues because the program is too good to fail. As I mentioned earlier, if the program continues to grow, the intent is for the program to provide added money approaching $1 million each year. Additionally, Jeremy Barwick of Western Bloodstock, has documented that foals nominated to the program bring more money in the sales. It's working, and we want to ensure that it continues to work.

We will be providing more information on the mechanics of this one-time "rollback" in the program in the near future. The NCHA Stallion Owners Committee, Executive Committee and staff all stand ready to answer any questions you might have.

Jim Bret Campbell
NCHA Executive Director


There are ongoing efforts that are getting a 'deep-dive' that have been discussed during and since the 2015 Convention. They are being evaluated and you will be hearing and seeing much more of them prior to the 2016 Convention.

* NCHA Charities Foundation. There are compelling reasons to expand the current Foundation. In addition to enhancing the ability to provide Youth Scholarships and support Cutters in Action, issues of Heritage / History, Education, and Animal Welfare will promote and market our association. In addition, it is a logical place for long term assets. There has been a swell of support for preserving our History and place in the cowboy and the cow horse world of the old West, jump started by the Dogwood Foundation offer of matching funds. The Education and Animal Welfare pieces will keep NCHA moving forward and expose both our members and folks we haven't met yet to the cutting horse.

* Governance met with almost universal buy-in when presented by the Long Range Committee. There has been a lot of work done on this and a meeting to put it all together will be held in February. This is critical to how we conduct our business and make decisions. Stay tuned.

* Grass Roots shows have gotten a good airing and there are some significant enhancements for 2016. There is a new buckle program that has been very well received, providing recognition from $1,000 to $50,000. New formats are being tried, such as the 2 cows / 2 minute works. This is the entry level point for new cutters to NCHA.

* I will be Chair of an E.C. Compensation Review Committee ensure the goals and objectives of the NCHA are shared and prioritized by the Executive Committee and the Executive Director. 1 officer, 2 E.C. members and 2 Finance/Audit members will be on this committee. The effort here is to be able to have more frequent checks and an ongoing conversation through the year as we manage the 'Rapids of Change' and stay on the same page. Nothing really new here, other than ensuring a greater degree of awareness, effectiveness and two-way communication.

* A committee has been formed to review and make recommendations on the NCHA Triple Crown events pay outs. It is made up primarily of the competition committees. A meeting was held last Friday the 15th to discuss this issue. The meeting at the Fort Worth Convention Center was well attended. The committee has been meeting this week and will bring forward a recommended structure to be used beginning with the 2016 Lucas Oil Super Stakes.

Keep your recommendations, comments and questions coming. And, remember,


Jack Holt, OR Director
(541) 420-8585
PO Box 6796
Bend, OR 97708


Oregon Cutting Horse Association
PO BOX 492
Sublimity, OR 97385
e-mail: ocha@wvi.com



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